OIWT is a separated organization department (the branch) of FSBEI HE «Sibirean State University of Water Transport»

The Institute implements a multilevel training for:

  • higher education programs
  • secondary education programs
  • continuing professional education programs

The history of the institute goes back to 1956, which was opened by the initiative of the Irtysh River Lines Leadership. It was Novosibirsk Institute for Engineers of Water Transport. In 6 years it became the Omsk extramural faculty of NIEWT. In 1994 the institute received a new status of the Omsk branch of Novosibirsk State Water Transport Academy.

In 1979 Shukhov A.V., a Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor, a graduate  of the Omsk Faculty, became the Dean of the Omsk Faculty. In a year there came to work ex-industrial workers such as Tsvetkov M.A., Kostarev V.E., Limonov G.A., Gavlovski L.S.

In 2005 Zaiko Tatyana Ivanovna, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor, Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, was appointed to the position of Director of the Omsk branch of NSAWT. In 2007 there was an amalgamation of the Omsk branch of NSAWT and Omsk Command River College into a unified educational system: Omsk Institute of Water Transport.

Omsk Command River College is the first school of water transport in Siberia established for training commanding officers. It was founded on December 15, 1920 by the initiative of Siberian Central Committee of Water Transport Workers Union. The college is a prestigious school not only in Siberia but all across the country.

The OIWT mission is to train specialists for water enterprises and organizations and adjoining branches in accordance with the educational activity license as well as further training and         continuing professional education programs.

Teaching and educational activity is directed to training competitive young specialists. Students are involved in theoretical and practical study, they take part in various interregional conferences.

A close link of the institute with enterprises lets take into account priorities in a field development. It’s especially important while writing a graduation work. The students’ papers contain experimental data of researches, which are integrated into Omsk enterprises.

The college teaching stuff consists of highly qualified and intellectual experts who know well not only their subjects but also have various skills in efficient educational work.

OIWT provides a vast laboratory base with up to date laboratory facilities and software.

There are all conditions for comfortable studying for students there: cosy lecture rooms, modern training equipment, and multimedia base. Students and cadets use a library fund and Electronic Data System for their self-studying.

The institute library uses an automatic informational system “IRBIS” 64/128. Library users have an access to traditional printed sources as well as electronic library catalogues of SSUWT and OIWT (which involve educational and scientific e-books, articles from Scientific Brochures and periodicals written by the teaching stuff). A peculiar pride of the institute is its own newspaper “Lotsman”. It highlights university events, students life, tells about the teaching stuff and graduates who has become heads of leading enterprises.

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Contact number:

 8(3812) 24-09-94


Omsk Institute of Water Transport

 Omsk, ul. Ivan Alexeev 4

Mode of operation:
 Mon. - Fri. 8:30 - 17:00

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